Whole Process Digital Service

Core Technology

Enzyme Catalysis

Completed a number of commercialized segments of new drugs and served many projects at home and abroad

Metal Catalysis

The continuous flow metal catalytic reaction has been mature and has greatly improved the reaction efficiency

PAHs/Heterocyclic Alkylation

With the advantages of high selectivity and low cost, widely used in many areas

Special Catalysis

Amazing technology make our customer convert aldehydes into acids without any emissions and costs

Production Form


Tubular reaction




Fixed bed

Production Technology

Cryogenic reaction

Grignard reaction

Cyanation reaction

High temperature reaction

Light reaction

Hydrogenation reaction

Ozone reaction

Alkylation reaction

Continuous Flow Device

The new generation of continuous flow reaction device developed by Eyougene adopts intelligent control and is used for the research and development of gram-level to kilogram-level pharmaceutical chemical technology.
The device includes: a feeding system, a preheating mixing system, a reaction system, a separation system and a software control system.
Advantages: continuous operation, meet the new development trend of safe, controllable, clean and closed-loop management of pharmaceutical chemical technology development and production requirements.